Christian Council Opposes Wine Sales in Food Stores

The City Market store on the Cable Beach strip has already built their new wine sales area. In back-room negotiations with government officals, the food store management has allegedly been assured that changes to the law will be made to accommodate wine sales in food stores.

The Bahamas Christian Council is apparently not aware of this change.

The Council said yesterday that it opposes the granting of licenses that would allow local supermarkets to sell wine. They believe that the country can not afford to give young people additional access to alcohol.

Gavin Watchorn, Solomon’s Super Center CEO, recently told the media that the company had received approval from the Grand Bahama Port-Authority (GBPA) to sell wine at its branch in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

Watchorn said he hoped for similar approvals for the company’s stores in New Providence.

Judging by the construction at the City Market store, the approval has already come, despite the public not being told about it.