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Corrupt Cops Let Drug Thug Rule The Nation

Wednesday’s front page story in The Nassau Guardian, entitled, “Police call for backup at Central” (Saturday, Oct.23) stated that a man showed up at Central Station demanding to know why his girlfriend was being held in custody.

The man became increasingly hostile while in Central Station, hence the policewomen on duty at the time were intimidated to the point that they called for backup. That is the long and short of the Guardian’s story.

The Guardian’s story called the man, Stephen “Die” Stubbs, an “alleged” drug dealer.  That would be like calling Hitler an “alleged’ Nazi.

The Bahamas Press Blog considers Stubbs to be Public Enemy #1 when it comes to terrorizing the police or the public in the presence of the police.  Read their article to find out:

Whythis man is out on bail?

Why this man is able to get away with so many crimes and never get prosecuted?

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