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Disgraced Ambulance Driver Wants His Job Back

Disgraced ambulance driver Marcus Garvey, who was terminated after he allegedly tried to exploit the death of John Travolta’s son, wants his job back. But he’ll take a wad of cash instead.

Garvey was fired for breach of patient confidentiality after he appeared in a video on an online entertainment website.

There were a number of people who were trying to make some money off their association with the events of that day.  This was similar to the Anna Nicole Smith frenzy which gave a couple of Bahamians, like Lincoln Bain, 15 minutes of fame.

Mr Garvey claims he was unfairly dismissed by hospital officials. He says he never gave anyone information pertaining to the hospital or any patient, denying that he ever breached hospital or patient confidentiality.

He was one of two emergency workers in the ambulance that took 16-year-old Jett Travolta to the hospital on January 2, 2009.

The other one, Tarino Lightbourne, attempted to extort Mr Travolta.

Charges were dropped against Lightbourne and his accomplice, PLP Senator Pleasant Bridgewater, when Mr Travolta decided not to pursue the case for personal reasons.

What these Bahamians need to understand is that, just becasue Mr Travolta dropped the charges after being jacked around by the corrupt and dysfunctional Bahamian legal system, does not mean that they are not guilty.  It only means that, like most criminals in The Bahamas, they won’t be prosecuted.

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