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Reports on Graham-Allen’s Bar Application Called ‘deliberate lies’

Rumours being spread by the Bahamas “legal mafia” that the Director of Public Prosecutions, Vinette Graham-Allen, has not resubmitted her application to the Bahamas Bar are “deliberate lies.”

The “legal mafia” is a group of criminals within the legal system of the Bahamas who pervert justice by skewing cases, making files disappear, bribing police officers, intimidating witnesses and otherwise creating problems for those who are attempting to see justice done.

The group consists of lawyers, judges, court employees, police officers and several politicians.

Officials in the Attorney General’s office said that although Mrs Graham-Allen’s application was returned, the DPP resubmitted the form after being informed by the Bar regarding neccessary corrections.

Crroks within the Bar Association are trying to make it more difficult for Ms Graham-Allen to do her job. They are aligned with rogue prosecutor Cheryl Grant-Bethel who still thinks the job is hers.

The lies and rumours regarding the DPP, which appeared on the front page of a local paper, indicated that Mrs Graham-Allen’s application was rejected last month due to “procedural irregularities,” including “issues related to the size of paper she used.”

The failure to resubmit the Bar application would have prevented Mrs Graham-Allen from prosecuting cases in the Bahamas.

Mrs Graham-Allen recently told The Tribune newspaper that she is prepared to do all she can to help the citizens of the Bahamas regain trust in their judicial system.

She certainly has her work cut out for her, as most Bahamians have completely lost faith in the corrupt and dysfucntional Bahamian legal system.

Unless Ms Graham-Allen is going to start prosecuting lawyers and politicians, it is not possibe for her to ever restore the faith of Bahamians in the broken system.

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