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Court Case Highlights Legal Corruption

A long standing feud between brothers Rami Weisfisch and Amir Weissfisch has highlighted just about everything that is wrong with the Bahamian legal system.

Their last names are spelled differently because one brother legally changed the spelling of his last name.

The two brothers own Metals Resources Group (MRG), one of the world’s leading metal tradng firms in London. They are embroiled in a legal wrangle involving millions of dollars in assets.

Although attorneys for both men appeared in court, only Amir was actually present.

Amir is seeking an injunction restraining proceedings in a foreign arbitration. He is represented by Mr Alan Steinfeld, QC.

Mr Anthony Julius, a high profile London lawyer, had been selected as an arbitrator of the brother’s well publicized dispute.

Mr Nicholas Lavender, QC, who represents Rami Weisfisch, is expected to continue his arguments against the injunction when the hearing resumes at date yet to be determined.

Meanwhile, the brothers have another case in the Supreme Court which is expected to start on November 1.

That case is to determine whether or not to approve a report by accountant Daniel Ferguson, who had been appointed by Senior Justice John Lyons to provide a report in the money dispute between brothers Rami and Amir.

Criminals, known for skewing and perverting court cases in The Bahamas, allegedly “set up” the judge in that case by hiring a woman to feign interest in the judge, who fell prey to the advances and began a relationship with the woman.

It turned out that the woman was Ferguson’s sister.

Justice Lyons was forced to resign after it was revealed by another judge, Anita Allen, that he had been dating the accountants’s sister.

The affair shows the extent to which the “legal mafia” in The Bahamas will go to pervert justice and accomplish their means.

In a related story, lawyer and high-ranking PLP mob boss, Phillip ‘Brave’ Davis, is being sued by Amir Weissfisch for wrongfully claiming ownership of shares in the international metals company.

Mr Weissfisch and his wife, Monica have also asked the Supreme Court to declare that Mr Davis has no right to the title documents to “Bacardi House”, their Lyford Cay home.

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