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Demonstration Against Arawak Homes

Residents of Pinewood Gardens, fearing that their homes may be under threat, are expected to stage a protest today against Arawak Homes.

The planned demonstration comes after a public outcry and condemnation of the company’s demolition of a family home in the Sir Lynden Pindling Estates.

Arawak Homes claims the home was built on their land.

The destruction of the home of Frederick Wood and his wife, Maria Gibson-Wood, was followed by public outcry over the legality and morality of actions taken by the firm against alleged trespassers.

After the demolition, Arawak Homes Limited issued a statement saying that there is “widespread trespass” by “hundreds of persons” on property owned by company.

Minister of State for Lands and Local Government, Byran Woodside, said the government is attempting to mediate the land dispute between Arawak Homes and outraged homeowners. Woodside is also the Member of Parliament for Pinewood.

Arawak Homes claims the demolition action was in full compliance with the law.

Others question the ethics and morals of Franklyn Wilson, owner of Aarwak Homes, whose nefarious business dealings have earned him the nickname “snake”.

Mr Wilson allegedly started his home building business after orchestrating the bankruptcy of his fast food operation, Chicken Unlimited, in which he was a partner with alleged religious con man Neil Ellis.

The pair has been accused of finagling over $70,000 from a dying widow to fund their new enterprises.

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