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Designer Companies Want Restitution From Straw Vendors

Gucci and Louis Vuitton representatives are seeking compensation from the straw vendors who were arrested in New York for trafficking in counterfeit goods.

The Tribune newspaper reports in a front page article that designer label companies, such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton, are seeking compensation from the Bahamian straw vendors arrested in the United States.

Eliot Sagor, the attorney retained by the Bahamas government to assist the vendors, said representatives of these companies appeared in court during the sentencing of vendor Judy Duncombe.

The companies are seeking damages, as restitution is part of the sentencing law in the United States.

However, judge Thomas Griesa did not order restitution.

Duncombe, along with vendor and co-conspirator Margaret Pierre, were ordered to leave the United States immediately. They arrived home yeasterday.

Duncombe and Pierre pleaded guilty and received sentences of time served, as did Tracy Davis who pleaded guilty last week and was released.

Six other vendors are still waiting for their cases to be heard in court.  Five of them are still in jail. One was released on bail.

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