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Legality and Morality of Arawak Homes Actions Questioned

Embroiled in questionable dealings once again, Arawak Homes Limited has been asked to inform the government of all matters regarding their land dispute with Pinewood Gardens homeowners. Public outcry erupted over the actions taken by Arawak Homes against alleged squatters and spurred the government’s intervention. It appears the company has acted illegally and immorally, which does not surprise many.

Most recently, the bullying company Arawak Homes demolished a family home in the Sir Lynden Pindling Estates. While Arawak Homes principals claimed to be in full compliance with the law they were criticised for excessive force.

Arawak Homes president, Franon Wilson, son of Franklyn “the Snake” Wilson” said that the company is taking their time in putting together a report which he believes will absolve them.

Lands and Local Government minister Byran Woodside has recommended that Arawak Homes cease any further action until the government can assess the situation.

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