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Residents Contemplate Class Action Suit Against Industrial Park

As residents of Pinder’s Point consider filing a class action law suit concerning illnesses they claim they contracted because of their proximity to the industrial park in that area, one prominent attorney says he believes that there is a case to be made.

A national newspaper reported this week that persons living in the Pinder’s Point area were preparing to take legal action, and that Member of Parliament for West End and Bimini Obediah Wilchcombe is attempting to have a subcommittee formed to conduct hearings on the issue.

According to that report, Wilchcombe has gotten the unofficial approval of Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham to pursue the matter, and intends to put the proposal before the House of Assembly for official ratification.

Attorney Simeon Brown said the issue is one he has discussed with several attorneys, as well as with residents of that area and other parts of the island.

“It’s a legal dream, to tell you the truth. It’s a massive case,” he said.

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