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Stolen Car Ring May Involve Police Officers

An international car theft ring, which has led American Homeland Security and FBI detectives to the island of Exuma, is beginning to expose serious allegations against The Royal Bahamas Police Force, The Customs Department and the Road Traffic officials on that island.

Bahamian Police confiscated two trailers, the possession of a local businessman, which we are told, hid the stolen vehicles inside. We are told customs officials cleared the items, however, though claiming they thoroughly inspected the trailers, the reported vehicles were never listed on the manifest.

The vehicles were a set of 17, stolen out of the USA during the past few months, hidden in trailers that had cases of juice and water at the front section.

US officials and Bahamian police are closely looking at what possible connection a female Customs officer may have in all this. The woman we are told was transferred to Exuma from Andros. That officer you should know was transferred following a foil car theft ring in Andros a while back.

But what puzzles FBI detectives in this? Investigators are asking, how did the vehicles leave the port of Florida at a shipping terminal on a vessel bound for Exuma Without detection IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT?

The vehicles were registered with Bahamian decals and Bahamian license plates before they entered the Bahamas from G&G in the US. Sources close to the investigations also say, this further compounds the inquiry calling into question officials in the Road Traffic Department on that island. How did Bahamian registered plates end up on stolen American cars?

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