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Activities at Mayfair Hotel Disrupted

Bahamian police have arrested two Bahamian men and four Jamaican women at the Mayfair Hotel on Bay Street, presumably for activities related to prostitution.

An officer from the Central Police station said police expect to bring charges against two of the individuals next week.

The Jamaican women may also face investigation by the Immigration Department regarding their status in the Bahamas.

The hotel is located almost next door to the Fort Charlotte Police Station. It is suspected that officers from that station are involved in the trafficking of women.

The illegal operations at the Mayfair Hotel were “shut down” two years after complaints in 2008.

It is suspected that the Bahamians who were arrested will wiggle out of prosecution… as usual.  Police know if they dare to prosecute anyone, those person will “talk” and reveal the names of the police officers involved in the activity.

A substantial number of crimes in The Bahamas are committed by police officers who seem to be immune from prosecution.

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