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Bahamian Politicians: A ‘Wutless’ Bunch

Whereas every person in The Bahamas is entitled to…life, liberty, security of the person and the protection of the law…

The Bahamas government has failed miserably to uphold its constitutional duty to create a safe environment for its citizenry.

Isn’t it amazing that at election time, both parties will have broken their constituencies down into cells, street by street? With the help of their election generals, they will know who resides where, who’s registered to vote and who needs transportation to the polls.

But they are unable to use this system to identify the problem spots in their constituencies. They are unable to mobilize their “generals” to liaise with them and the police to address the illegal activity that thrives so openly in so many places.

They don’t care.

The law enforcement agencies have been “unable” to stop the flow of guns to this tiny, tiny island. Of course, everyone knows why.

Everything is now on the verge of collapse — the courts, the public school (war zone) system, traffic lights, the family, law and order. Collapsed like the roadside stall at the Montagu our MP doesn’t seem to notice.

The government has failed so badly, but won’t ask for outside help. Incapable of fixing it themselves, they’d rather preside over our demise.

The horse has long since left the barn, and they are now running around like headless chickens — many years too late — trying to shore up the court system.

Remember those inane excuses — a “small minority” of thugs was responsible for the horrendous murder rate? We were going through “a cycle” and everything would even out. When the public was crying out, they were talking utter nonsense.

The “this is a community problem” record is old and worn. People who do not know right from wrong cannot police themselves. It is a democratic government’s job to lead by example and to create an environment that is conducive to law, order, justice and fair play. When laws are not enforced, when education goes in the trash can, when courts cease to function properly, people respond in kind.

The opposition is bleating. The foundation for the collapse was laid under their administration in the ’80s — and even before — when the Colombian flag flew boldly over Norman’s Cay and corruption snaked its way through all levels of society.

The whole lot needs to be held accountable for gross negligence and dereliction of duty. However, until there is sufficient public pressure, they will continue to plod along. What a “wutless” bunch.


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