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Barefoot Bandit Indicted By US Grand Jury

19-year-old Colton Harris-Moore was indicted by a federal grand jury in Seattle yesterday.  He will face five charges, including interstate transportation of a stolen aircraft and being a fugitive in possession of a firearm.

The U.S. teenager was nicknamed the “Barefoot Bandit” during his alleged two-year string of thefts from Washington state to the Caribbean.

After running from the law for two years, Harris-Moore was caught on 10 July in the Bahamas, after allegedly crash-landeding a plane he stole from an Indiana airport.

He was deported from the Bahamas to the US after pleading guilty to illegally entering the country.  The US embassy, eager to get him back on U.S. soil, paid a $300 (£185) fine on his behalf.

The teen faces up to 10 years in jail on each of four of the counts. He remains in a federal detention centre in Washington state while he awaits trial. He is suspected of committing more than 80 crimes across nine states since allegedly walking away from a halfway house in April 2008.

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