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Bribery of The Bahamian Judiciary

Tanya Cash, who was denied justice by an allegedly corrupt Bahamian legal system, writes that the Bahamas government and the entire judiciary are corrupt lawbreakers.

Many Bahamians agree.

They are sick and tired of a corrupt legal elite running the country for their own selfish purposes.

It was indeed bribery, Ms Cash wrote in a letter to the Bahamas Press Blog, when Judges of The Bahamas unlawfully accepted the Executive’s offer of salary increases in 2007.

“Although, the Executive, the Government of The Bahamas, unlawfully passed resolution increasing the salaries of Judges, more shockingly, Judges of our Courts unlawfully accepted the offer of salary increases, of the Executive, knowing it to be unlawful, illegal, and a violation of the rule of law, according to former Supreme Court Justice John Lyons,” Ms Cash opines.

She refers back to Justice John Lyons’ decision which, she notes, is still law, when Judges of The Bahamas unlawfully accepted the Executive’s offer of salary increases, which were made improperly.

In A.D., 2006, former senior Supreme Court Justice, John Lyons, during a civil hearing, in Grand Bahama, ruled that the Executive ‘Broke the Law’, by not Appointing an Independent Commission, in 2003, and 2006, to review ‘The Remuneration of Judges’ Salaries and Pensions Act’.Judge Lyons ruled that this act made the Judiciary of The Bahamas beholden to the Executive, therefore, making the Judiciary of The Bahamas unconstitutional, not independent and not impartial.

Judge Lyons went so far as to close down his court, refusing to hear matters until the issue of impartiality had been resoloved.

It never was.  Instead, the judges received more money and nothing was ever said about the matter again.

A number of high-profile individuals in the legal community agreed with the Judge’s decision, including: the current Governor General, Sir Arthur Foulkes; former President of The Bahamas Court of Appeal, Justice Dame Joan Sawyer; current President of The Court of Appeal, Justice Anita Allen; former President of The Bahamas Bar Association, Wayne Munroe; former Director of Prosecutions and current Justice, Bernard Turner and Attorney Damien Gomez, among others.

Magistrate Rene Mckay even shut down her court for a short period due to Justice Lyons’ ruling.

“It makes you wonder, what other unlawful, illegal acts are being made by our Judges and by the Executive of our Country?”, Ms Cash asks.

“This is why our Country is in the state it is in, because persons, in authority, like our Judges and those in Government, too, are violating the law, while refusing to enforce the law of the land, she added.


Cash says we are now feeling the ramifications of the illegal acts, being made by those in authority, who continue do whatever they wish:

1. Crime is out of control.

2. Criminals are on a rampage.

3. Our people are in great fear, because crime is out of control.

4. Murderers and Rapists are constantly being let out on bail, by judges, while repeating the very same offences, while on bail, not having to truly face the consequences for their wicked, evil, actions, and making a complete mockery of the System.

5. There is vigilante justice in our Country, with persons, unfortunately, taking the law into their own hands.

“Look Out Bahamas, international implications are coming!”, she warns.

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