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Closure Of Nassau Grouper Fishing

(1)  Closure Of Fishing At High Cay, Central Andros
(2)  Closure Of Nassau Grouper Fishing Throughout The Bahamas

The Department of Marine Resources wishes to advise the general public that the waters surrounding High Cay, off the coast of Central Andros will be designated as a “Protected Area” during the period 1st  December, 2010 to 28th February, 2011. During this period all forms of fishing will be prohibited in the area around High Cay as specified below.

The designated “Protected Area” is bounded in the North by latitude 24º 40’N, in the South by 24º 37.8’N in the East by longitude 77º 44′ W, and encompassing an area of approximately seven (7) square miles.

The Department of Marine Resources further wishes to advise the public that the taking, landing, processing and possessing of Nassau Grouper will be prohibited during the period 1st January, 2011 to 28th February, 2011 throughout The Bahamas.

Further that any ifs commonly known as “grouper”, which is landed must be done so with its head, tail and skin intact.  The Department of Marine Resources requests the cooperation of all fishermen and the general public in this regard. Persons found in violation of the above will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Department of Marine Resources Ministry of Agriculture & Marine Resources

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