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Coral Harbour Community Saves Historical Pink Walls

Nassau, Bahamas – Coral Harbour South Home Owners Association announces its victory in the battle to save the Pink Walls of Coral Harbour from destruction by developer Tony Joudi.

In a letter received by Joan Ferguson (President) and Sonya Alvino (Secretary) Mr Micheal Major, Director of Department of Physical Planning says:

“a) Demolition of Pink Walls on the northern side of Carmichael Road
The Town Planning Committee considered the application by FTC Limited at their meeting held on 20th April 2010 and resolved to refuse planning permission for the reason that the walls are a part of the Coral Harbour landmark that should be preserved. The applicant has the right to appeal the Committee’s decision under Section 13 of the Town Planning Act.”

The letter goes on to discuss other developments in the Coral Harbour area which were discussed at the Towns Meeting on 14th April 2010. These include the commercial complex on the northeast junction of Coral Harbour and Carmichael Roads and the proposed Gas Station at the same Junction. Both of the named developments were vehemently opposed by Coral Harbour residents and remain in the balance to date.

Mr Major responded to say that no plans have been received from Sun Service Station Limited for a gas station at this location and therefore this point is mute. And furthermore, no detailed plans had been received by Department of Physical Planning on the commercial complex and so no further discussion on that development as taken place.

Sonya Alvino, Secretary in the Coral Harbour South Home Owners Association remarked;

“The decision to preserve the Pink Walls by the Town Planning Committee is a bold step in the right direction in acknowledging the wishes of community members who are all stakeholders in the place they call home. This decision fortifies the new Planning and Subdivisions Act which allows community members a voice in the development of their home areas. Coral Harbour has certainly had that voice and we are deeply grateful for the opportunity to make this stand for what we believe in.

Although we are victorious in the decision on the Pink Walls, we must stay vigilant against developers who are not so willing to take our wishes into consideration and who are more concerned with profit than community.”

The Pink Walls of Coral Harbour roundabout date back to the mid 1950’s and have become synonymous with the community itself. Developer Tony Joudi made an application to the Town Planning Department to demolish the walls based upon the premise that he owned the land that they sat on. This was opposed by Coral Harbour residents who turned out in masses at the Town’s Meeting on April 14th to have their views aired. The message was loud and clear: NO TO THE DEMOLITION OF PINK WALLS, NO TO THE GAS STATION, NO TO THE 8 PLEX CINEMA.

A community meeting for Coral Harbour South will be held at the Royal Bahamas Defence Force on Tuesday, November 9th, at 7pm. All property owners in the area are welcome to attend to discuss other community issues of interest.

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