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More Major Changes in Civil Service Coming

David Davis, Permanent Secretary in the office of the PM, is expected to replace current Secretary to the Cabinet, Anita Bernard. The allegedly corrupt Bernard is set to retire at the end of the year.  Bernard has allegedly tampered with justice by making arrangements to protect relatives who have allegedly wreaked havoc on Nassau for more than a decade.

Good riddance!

Director of Immigration, Jack Thompson, will allegedly also be reassigned following changes in his department. Some Immigration officers have been handed early retirement letters in what will be a mass downsizing exercise in that agency.

Sweeping changes on the police force will also see at least the retirement of two allegedly corrupt senior officers. Additionally, a group of officers reaching the age of 55 years-old will be sent home.

In early February, Superintendent of Prisons, Dr. Elliston Rahming will be relieved of his duties at Her Majesty’s Prisons Service. His first assistant, along with several senior wardens shall also retire in early 2011. It is alleged that some of them are corrupt and have been nothing but trouble since their reign of terror began.

It is suspected that the wardens, with the Superintendent’s knowledge, would temporarily release prisoners for the purpose of committing crimes. Prison officers would share in the bounty as well as receive payments for “hits” accomplished by the released prisoners.

Recently, a prisoner who was serving time for armed robbery, was caught in a broad daylight drive-by shooting. The prisoner was on Rahming’s work relief programme and had abandoned his station in the east to cause trouble in the west. That prisoner was also present following the fatal shooting incident a few hours earlier. The prisoner was wounded in that attack.

TV anchor and news editor Jerome Sawyer has allegedly been removed from his nightly news post at ZNS and will be replaced by Kieshla Smith.

Sawyer is reported to have taken a hefty pay cut at ZNS and may stay on as the host to a new show to be aired nightly.

Source: Bahamas Press and other sources

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