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Rehabilitation Week Focuses On Staff Training

NASSAU, The Bahamas — The main focus of the Annual Rehabilitation Week this year is training, Mrs Marva Russell-Minns, deputy director, Department of Rehabilitative/Welfare Services said on Wednesday at the opening of a support workers training workshop, whose objective was to enhance the performance of the staff.

Mrs Russell-Minns said many observers of the labour market recognise that employees today need to continue training beyond the qualifications or knowledge, which they would have brought to the job.

“This additional training is referred to as professional development.  “In this vein, we are encouraged to train continuously because we want to improve our performance, capabilities and capacity and so today, I encourage you to absorb everything that our two ably qualified facilitators will present to you,” she said.

Management thought it was fitting to include those members of staff, who work in the sections of the Department, which are behind the scenes and who do not always get the full attention they sometimes need in order to perform their tasks to the best of their abilities or to advance in the workplace, Mrs Russell-Minns also noted.

She also recognised that the Department has helped many former offenders or persons who had trouble fitting into society.  They have helped these individuals go on to be active members of society and who are now doctors, nurses and police officers.

“We know that there are many others who will continue to require our encouragement because of their persistence in doing wrong.  Do we forget about them?

“No, we are expected to provide them with as much support as we can so that they, too, will one day look at themselves and discontinue their bad practices,” Mrs Russell-Minns said.

Facilitating the workshop were Carolyn Roberts, chief psychologist, Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre who focused on communication skills and conflict resolution and Florinda Johnson, training officer, Willie Mae Pratt Centre for Girls who concentrated on work ethics, office etiquette/deportment, productivity, report writing and official secrets acts.

By Llonella Gilbert
Bahamas Information Services

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