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Changes to US Visa Applications

All individuals applying for US visas are now required to submit fully accurate and complete DS-160 visa application forms.

Newly imposed US government regulations specify that individuals presenting applications containing omissions or errors in biographical data, or purpose of travel, will be required to correct the omissions and/or errors to their online application before their personal interviews can take place.

The applicants will be required to complete the corrections and return to the US Embassy at a later time.

“We encourage international travel and regret any inconvenience that these new regulations may entail. For the best possible customer service, we strongly recommend you complete your own application form in order to guarantee its accuracy,” said an Embassy statement.

“If you choose to have another person complete your application on your behalf, we recommend that you personally verify the accuracy of the information before the application is submitted electronically.

“Please note that biographical information in the DS-160 application form must match the information stated in your passport.

“Please see our website ( for a complete step-by-step guide on how to apply for a visa at the US Embassy in Nassau.”

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