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Union Leaders Threaten National Strike

Union leaders are planning nothing less than an act of terrorism when they threaten an illegal nationwide strike against the people of The Bahamas next week.

Union members seem to have forgotten that they are employees, not owners, of public corporatons.

In moves that are starting to look a lot like terrorism or treason, rogue union leaders are threatening to shut down the country in another illegal strike action.

Earlier this week, hundreds of Bahamas Telecommunication Company (BTC) workers staged an illegal strike, forcing the closure of BTC offices throughout New Providence.

The latest terrorist threat was issued during a rally at the Bahamas Communication and Public Officers Union Hall on Farrington Road after the second day of illegal industrial unrest by hundreds of BTC workers.

The unions representing  the workers are objecting to the govenmnent’s plan to sell 51 percent of the company to Cable and Wirless Comminication (CWC).

With the BCPOU already scheduled to appear in court next Tuesday in relation to what the govemment called an illegal work stoppage, president of the Bahamas Communications and Public Officers Union (BCPOU) Bernard Evans is threatening that all unions representing employees of public corporations would come together next Wednesday to publicly protest the sale of BTC.

“I think the House [of Assembly] meets on the 15th. The 14th is the eve,” Evans said. “You think the nation will be ready for something on the 15th – you think we ready for the 15th?”

Evans is garnering support of all unions, including the Bahamas Union of Teachers (BUT), the Bahamas Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union (BHCAWU), the Bahamas Public Service Union (BPSU) and the National Congress of Trade Unions of The Bahamas (NCTUB).

In a clear reference to possible action being taken by the unions of the Water and Sewerage Corporation, the Bahamas Electricity Corporation and Bahamasair; president of the Airport, Airline and Allied Workers Union, Nelerene Harding shouted “No water, no light, no flight.”

Newly-elected President of the NCTUB, Jennifer Isaacs-Dotson, said a “revolution” was at hand in The Bahamas.

“The people now have to rise up,” she said. “It’s time to take our country back. We elected the members of Parliament to represent our interests.”

She seems to have forgotten that representing the interests of Bahamians would include representing the interests of non-unionized Bahamasin also.

Only a few months ago, employees at ZNS staged a riot, shutting down ZNS and causing thousands of dollars in damage.

For the most part, Bahamans are tired of thuggish union leaders creating uneccesary unrest in The Bahamas by making demands they have no right to make.

Union members are “employees” of public corporations.  They do not own the companies and therefore have no right to dictate to management how to run the company.

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