Horrifying Conditions At Detention Centre

A man recently detained for 24 hours at the Carmichael Road Detention Centre reported that the conditions there are disgusting and unacceptable.

The man, who does not want to be identified, wishes to raise awareness of the horrifying conditions – toilets overflowing with feces, insufficient and bug-infested food and sexual assault being amongst the horrors he described to The Tribune.

The man was apparently detained due to a lapsed work permit. Immigration Minister Brent Symonette indicated that he would investigate the cliams made.

A year and a half ago the government commissioned a report on conditions at the Detention Centre after receiving repeated claims of abuse, insufficient food and overall poor living conditions at the centre.

A report was commissioned and although previous minister of state for immigration, Branville McCartney, promised it would be released – it never has been. Brent Symonette told The Tribune that he was unsure if the report would be released.

The man also recounted stories of others that he had been told, including claims of rape and a woman who was haemorrhaging but did not receive medical attention for “two or three days.”