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Paramedics Accused of Extortion Return To Work

Two allegedly corrupt paramedics, who were accused of extorting tourists have returned to work.  Their bosses say there was not enough evidence to fire the men.

It is alleged that the paramedics told two tourists, who were injured in a traffic accident, that they would have to pay up-front for emergency treatment and transportation to the hospital.

The Tribune reports that Dr Alvery Hanna, NEMS director said, “The PHA’s disciplinary committee has found insufficient evidence to warrant dismissal of these staff members and they have returned to work.”

He also said that his department plans to introduce measure that will “decrease” such problems.

This is another case of foreigners being denied justice in The Bahamas. Independent analysts say there was certainly enough evidence to fire the two paramedics, and that they should have had criminal charges filed against them as well.

Ever since paramedic Tarino Lightbourne and PLP senator Pleasant Bridgewater got away with extorting John Travolta, Bahamian EMS workers think they can have a field day with injured tourists. The Bahamas government, rife with corruption, has done little to curtail such illegal activity.

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