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Senior Cop Calls For Probe Into Police Officer’s Death

A senior police officer is calling for an independent investigation into the suspicious shooting death of Inspector Archibald Miller.

Assistant Superintendent Glenroy McKenzie, a 32-year veteran of the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF), wants an independent investigator to be brought in from an international police organization such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the United States, or from Scotland Yard in the United Kingdom, to investigate Miller’s death.

McKenzie says he has lost confidence in Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade to ensure that a proper inquiry is conducted.

Miller, 47, was shot multiple times during a covert police opertation in New Providence last week. He died at Doctors Hospital on December 5. He is the second police officer to be shot in the past month.

Constable Latroy Bodie was shot on November 4, while sitting in his car near the residence of a friend in the Miami Street area.

After being wounded, Bodie drove himself to Police Headquarters and was rushed taken to the hospital. He has since been released.

McKenzie said he does not think the officer who has been identified as the shooter was in any way involved with killing Miller.

McKenzie said Miller received more than one gunshot wound above the bulletproof vest he was wearing.

Police have not disclosed if all the shots came from the same gun.

McKenzie is critical of the commissioner because, in his view, Greenslade is too consumed with public relations.

“He appears to be more concerned about his public image rather than confronting this matter and having it properly dealt with,” McKenzie told Brent Dean from the Nassau Guardian.

Senior RBPF spokesman, Assistant Commissioner Hulan Hanna, refuted McKenzie’s assertion that the force is not conducting a proper investigation into Miller’s death.

Many people lost confidence in Mr Greenslade after the curious circumstances surrounding the disappearance of 5 little boys in Grand Bahama back in 2003.  Greenslade was the top cop in Grand Bahama at the time.

The investigations in the case were totally incompetent and the subsequent arrest of Cordell Farrington is said to have been arranged, with Mr Farrington accepting blame for the crimes in exchange for special treatment in prison after his conviction for murdering his homosexual lover.

Some say that the bodies of the little boys, which were returned to the families after a ridiculous wait of four years, were not really the bodies of the little boys.

Others believe that a senior police officer and a politician were involved in the boys’ deaths.

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