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Undeclared Goods Seized at Potter’s Cay

In an early morning raid, Customs officers seized a quantity of undeclared goods being off-loaded from a vessel at Potter’s Cay dock.

Sometime around 3:30-4:00am police and defence force officers observed suspicious activity onboard the mv Legend, which was docked at Potter’s Cay.

They saw people unloading freight, which is unusual at that time due to the fact that the Port Authority office is closed between the hours of Midnight to 8:00am.

Upon searching the vessel the officers found a large quantity of goods, including over 700 cases of beer, cigars and ice cream.

The vessel was confiscated

The mv Legend is owned by Dean’s Shipping Company and travels between West Palm Beach, Marsh Harbour, Green Turtle Cay, Spanish Wells and Nassau.

An executive at Dean’s Shipping Company claimed ignorance and said the company is conducting its own investigation. He also said that the vessel had already cleared customs on Wednesday night.

There is no record of that. Nor does it explain why there were so many goods that were not on the ship’s manifest.

It is not understood why no arrests were made, but it is allegedly due to the fact that the criminal activites were being conducted by well-connected cronies of senior government offcials working with corrupt Customs agents.

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