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Bahamas Legal ‘Mafia’ Thwarts Attempts To Clean Up The Legal System

The Bahamas Bar Association, looked upon by many Bahamians as little more than a criminal organisation, is thwarting attempts to allow a newly appointed, foreign-born Attorney General to clean up the legal system.

Bahamas Bar Association President Ruth Bowe-Darville has confirmed that the Bar Association has refused to answer a letter sent by the Attorney General threatening court action if the Bar Council continues to delay the approval of Vinette Graham-Allen, newly appointed Director of Public Prosecutions.

The approval is necessary if Graham-Allen is to practice law in The Bahamas, a necessity for her to carry out her job and fulfill her mandate to clean up the corrupt and dysfunctional Bahamas legal system.

As it stands now, Ms Graham-Allen can not practice in Bahamian courts, effectively preventing her from fully executing her duties as Director of Public Prosecutions.

The Bar Council is allegedly putting off making the decision until after a court hears objections to Graham-Allen’s appointment from Cheryl Grant-Bethell, the begrudged public servant who is challenging the decision of the Judicial and Legal Service Commission to bypass her for the job.

Of course, the PLP is all “on board” for the Bar Council’s delay, as insiders realize that if Graham-Allen is approved to practice in Bahamian courts, the government intends to prosecute several high-profile PLP’s for their many crimes.

Because of this, some PLP’s feel that the threats by the Attorney General are politically motivated.

Attorney General John Delaney has threatend to take legal action today if he has not yet heard from the Bar Council.

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