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Cross Dresser Robs Bank

A man, dressed as a woman, took a hostage and robbed the Fidelity Money Centre at the Robin Hood store on Tonique Williams Darling Highway.

The man was wearing sunglasses, make-up, high-heels and a brown wig. He was dressed in a black blouse and gray slacks with a black shawl.

Customers in the crowded bank branch were unaware of the robbery as the man entered the bank carrying a large gift box and was let into the back of the bank after allegedly pretending he had a delivery to make.

After gaining entrance to the back room of the bank, the robber made the manager open the cash vault.

He emerged from the back with a bank employee, believed to be the branch manager, and left the premises in the employee’s car.

The culprit made the employee drive into Yellow Elder Gardens where he exited the vehicle and escaped with a substantial amount of money.

There were no injuries reported and the bank will re-open today.

Anyone with information on the robbery is asked to call the police at 502-991.

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