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Lyford Cay Resident Back in the Spotlight

Late last year, the Leader of Government Business in the Bahamas Senate, Dion Foulkes exposed the activities of a wealthy resident of Lyford Cay, who allegedly did not have the necessary statutory approval to construct a multimillion dollar boat basin on his property. The multi-million dollar home in Lyford Cay is believed to be owned by a  Panamanian shell company operated by the controversial resident.

A local blog accuses the resident of obtaining a permit after the construction work had been done, calling it a “criminal act”.

The gentleman referred to in the blog has now put his home in Lyford Cay up for sale, presumably to escape any legal troubles he may encounter in The Bahamas.

The perpetrator, a prominent hedge fund manager, has had run-ins with his neighbor in Lyford Cay and was emboiled in a well publicized scandal involving the death of his property manager, who was believed to be involved in the distribution of narcotics.

The wealthy resident can not be named, as he has a gaggle of lawyers who threaten to sue anybody who even mentions his name on a website.

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