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Time For Change At Education Ministry

An internal investigation at the Ministry of Education is apparently being swept under the rug as ten corrupt employees are transfered, rather than being fired, for corruption and theft throughout the Ministry.

With corruption eating away at the heart of Bahamian society, the goverment needs to take a stronger stance against corrupt civil servants. But instead, corrupt employees are transfered to to other departments or other ministries, perpetuating the problem and making the employees feel that they can get away with anything.

Corruption at the ministry of Education has been going on for some time.  Ministry heads have covered up scandals involving child molestation, misappropriation of funds and theft.

Just recently, an employee was found with a “laundry list” of more than 80 items that he stole from a storage room.

For some odd reason, the employee’s name is being withheld.

The allegedly corrupt, or pathetically incompetent Director of Education, Lionel Sands, said he was aware of the investigation as he also had been interviewed by police in relation to the case.  Many suspect that the director knows more than he has admitted.

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