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Education Ministry Responds To Reports Of Corruption Ring

The Ministry of Education advises the public that it is aware of a number of articles and stories in the local media discussing an alleged corruption ring and implying that civil servants are being transferred as a result of this matter.

The Ministry wishes the public to know that it is the nature of the public service to transfer staff on occasions to areas where their expertise are needed.

This in no way implies impropriety on the part of these officers and cautions the media from making this assumption, since it has the potential to damage the reputation of dedicated officers.  The Ministry confirms that the police are looking into a matter involving an officer who was being transferred and found in possession of a quantity of items.

As in all matters, under investigation, the Ministry is prohibited from commenting.    The Senior Management of the Ministry ensures the public that it is mindful of its duty to protect the public assets entrusted in its charge and will continue to review and update it’s systems of checks and balances.

Likewise it has a duty to safeguard the reputation of dedicated and hardworking public officers.

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