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Even MORE Proof of The Bahamas’ Corrupt and Dysfunctional Legal System

In another shocking example of incompetence, two men charged with the murder of well-known Grand Bahamian businessman Konstantino Vardoulis were discharged in the Supreme Court on Monday.

Three years after Vardoulis was gunned down, George Ferguson, 28, of New Providence, and Percious Knowles, 26, of Grand Bahama, were freed of murder and conspiracy to commit murder charges when the prosecution dropped its case against the pair.

It is suspected that police prosecutors and employees in the Attorney General’s office, covering for their murderous buddies, made sure the case was stalled and the prosecution went nowhere.

As in most cases involving incompetence in the legal system, the same two attorneys were involved,.

It is not known where thugs like Ferguson and Knowles got the money to hire high-priced lawyers like Murrio Ducille and Carlson Shurland. It is suspected that the money paid to these attorneys was from the proceeds of crime, but the government has failed to investigate such matters.

A trial for the murderous pair was scheduled to begin on Monday before Justice Hartman Longley, however, a nolle prosequi was submitted by the prosecution on instructions from the Attorney General’s Office.

Apparently, there was insufficient evidence against the men to stand trial.

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