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House Numbering Phase II Commences

Project supervisor Delmar Bowe (far right) gives instructions to John Bannister pictured in hat and Antoine Minnis who install numbers on a home in Bouganvilla Boulevard, South Beach. (BIS photo/Patrick Hanna)

Nassau, The Bahamas – The Bahamas Government has activated the second phase of its street naming and house numbering exercise. The project is designed to make it easier to locate businesses and houses throughout the island of New Providence and is a part of the six-month National Jobs Programme.

Delmar Bowe, supervisor  in the Ministry of Public Works and Transport is pleased with the progress of the project which began on January 10. He said to date 1,500 houses and businesses have been numbered in the exercise which runs from the East West Highway to Coral Harbour.  Twenty-four persons are employed on the house numbering and street naming projects.

Mr. Bowe credits the success of the project to emphasis placed on the importance of clarity, accuracy and consistency of their job.

“We must be accurate and consistent and take each day at a time to get things done,” he said.  He explained that once new numbers have been erected, the old numbers would remain for an indefinite period of time.

“Our employees compile the data on sight including the existing number and the new number that is assigned. All of the utility companies have to be informed of the changes and until such time the old numbers will stay on the buildings.”

“We distribute flyers to the owners advising them to make their properties accessible so that Ministry of Works employees can install the numbers. If a resident is not at home and we cannot access their property we would place the number on an outdoor wall. Otherwise we would leave the number and ask the residents to install the number themselves.”

Mr. Bowe said field surveys conducted during phase one reveal that “there were deficiencies to buildings that have not yet been numbered and buildings that were wrongly numbered in the past.”

Employees assigned to this task will be properly identified and due care will be taken not to damage the owners’ property. Employees will  have an identification card that clearly indicates that they are a part of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport’s house numbering team.  The official numbering system is north to south or east to west with even numbers on the right side of the street and odd numbers on the left side.

By Kathryn Campbell
Bahamas Information Services

Posted in Local News

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