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Is Arawak Homes Responsible For Title Mess?

The Bahama Journal reports that Arawak Homes may repossess as many as 1500 homes in the Lynden Pindling subdivision.

The homes were allegedly constructed on land owned by the home development company, which is owned by Frank “snake” Wilson.

Wilson’s company has been in the news many times over the past year as they grabbed land that they say belongs to the company, a claim disputed by the many unsuspecting homeowners who have built their homes on land they thought they owned.

Wilson’s claims to the land are tenuous at best.  They rely on obscure court judgements that were handed down by judges, some of whom are no longer on the bench and a few of whom have developed a reputation for selling decisions.

Franon Wilson, the “snake’s”  son, apparently believes the land belongs to his daddy’s company.  He says their company is not responsible for the confusion, and that their title to the land is valid.

Others do not agree and wonder why the Wilson’s didn’t speak up when the first home was built on their land.  Why would anyone wait until 1500 homes had been built before taking action?

Even more culpable are the many government entities, banks, lawyers and real estate agents who sold the land to individual homeowners possibly while knowing that the titles were not clear.

The real estate industry in The Bahamas is riddled with corruption.  There are no real titles to land in the Bahamas.  Titles to land are like lottery tickets… whoever is holding the title is the owner of the land.  Also, courts routinely grant title to individuals based on the most absurd explanations.  This is usually done by crooked judges, working at the behest of corrupt lawyers, who know full well that the deal they are brokering is not valid.

Corrupt lawyers work with corrupt real estate agents and crooked bank officers to fleece people on a regular basis in The Bahamas.  Most of Palmdale and Winton are built on land stolen by a group of crooks who abscounded with the titles shortly after the Bahamas was granted independence.

Do you feel that Arawak Homes is responsible for this situation?  Leave your comments below.

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