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Spirit Gospel Radio Personality Wins Award

On the heels of winning several awards during the 2010 DJ Awards, a local radio house, Broadcast Services Ltd., is again lauding one of its DJs, Giles Wells, for winning Best Gospel Personality as host of the morning show on Spirit Gospel.

For Wells, the achievement is a by-product of a career that started out on a very different path.

He studied business and finance in college, but his own finances forced him to take a job in sales at The Broadcasting Corporation, selling ads for ZNS-TV and radio. Wells found his niche in media, combining sales and broadcasting as co-host of popular shows Cool & Crazy and Matters of the Heart with Kirk Johnson. By the time he landed at Spirit Gospel “offering hope” to others, Wells had been through his own share of troubles, some of which he readily confesses were of his own making.

“Two divorces,” he says, “five children, other struggles.” Those experiences, he says, deepened his faith and allowed him to relate to his audience on the popular gospel station. “Hosting the show, and more specifically, being named the best gospel personality in the industry is very exciting. “It’s a truly awesome experience. Separate from the actual recognition but more so from the perspective that I can’t believe that the Lord can use someone like me to provide inspiring words and comfort to my listeners. I am indeed humbled by the honour.”

Others at the station housed on Carmichael Road shared Wells’ pleasure.

“Winning this award reinforces our commitment to our listeners to provide quality programming and hosting,” remarked Galen Saunders, President & General Manager of Broadcast Services Ltd., parent company of Spirit Gospel and its older sibling More 94 FM. “Giles, once a secular personality, has made an indelible impact for the past three years on the spiritual market which he takes a great deal of pride representing and we’re pleased to have him on our team.”

Spirit Gospel recently announced the addition of Minster Kevin Harris to its staff complement further solidifying the company’s intent of remaining a powerhouse. When asked about his future goals, he sums it up by saying, “My life is no longer my own. I’ve come to a place of no more limits and I want to fully render everything to God and allow him to take control.”

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