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Mystery and Corruption Still Shroud Murder of Hywel Jones

The murder of Banker Hywell Jones is still unsolved.  Rumours have circulated that a former politician and business partner is responsible for orchestrating Mr Jones’ death, although there is no absolute proof of that.

It is believed that the murder was actually committed by an ex-police officer and corruption in the police force prevents the killer from being apprehended.  This is thought to be the same reason why the brutal murder of handbag designer Harl Taylor has never been solved either.  That killing also allegedly involved a police officer, or former police officer.

Despite little attention being paid to solving Mr Jones’ murder, lots of attention is being lavished on the money that Mr Jones controlled.

A Bahamian trust company and certain investors are embroiled in a bitter legal dispute that existed between Mr Jones and his former business partner, ex-MP Lester Turnquest.

The group sought to overturn  the receivership of their assets.  The Court of Appeal, however, has rejected the attempt by Experta Trust Company and four investors to overturn the receivership of client companies/assets imposed, via two different Orders, by the Supreme Court.

The Appeals Court also ruled that Justice Claire Hepburn was wrong to have discharged the initial receivership Order imposed on September 21, 2007, by former justice John Lyons, only to re-impose the receiver through her own Order.

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