Bahamians Still Waiting For Ingraham To Fullfill Campaign Promises

There are several key pieces of legislation the government must bring to Parliament if it is to fulfill the aggressive legislative agenda it outlined in the Speech from the Throne last year.

The long promised Freedom of Information Bill and a Disabilities Bill are among them.

The Disabilities Bill has been promised to people with disabilities since the 1990s.

Another outstanding piece of legislation is a bill to simplify and make more effective employment dispute adjudication and determination.

The government has also promised significant changes to the Penal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code, noting previously that they are relics from a bygone period.

It has also promised amendments to the Bail Act to further restrict the right to bail for persons charged with serious crimes, and to limit the circumstances under which bail may be granted.

If it is to fulfill its legislative agenda before its term ends, the government must also bring an act to repeal the antiquated 1943 Prisons Act.

Displaying his usual arrogance and dismissing any promises he made to get elected, the prime minister has said he will not be pressured on timelines.