Davis Calls For Stronger Election Reform

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Deputy Leader Philip Brave Davis suggested yesterday that the amendments being proposed to the Parliamentary Elections Act do not go far enough in reforming the election process.

Davis offered several recommendations:

He suggested that the government amend the law so that a voter’s finger is inked after casting a vote, as is the practice In Jamaica.  Currently, a voter’s thumb is dipped in indelible ink before the vote is  cast.

The amendments state in certain terms that ballots that are marked with ink would be thrown out.

Davis said such an amendment would eliminate the need for that. Over the past decades, some voters have used the ink on their thumbs to indicate their choice.

As it relates to an amendment to allow for overseas voting, Davis pointed to the chance of abuse.

He said the question is not whether people should be allowed to register overseas.  Davis said the opportunity is greater for them to fraudulently register to vote.

“The mischief is with the activists who can go around and round up people to say ‘I live here’,” Davis said.

He suggested that registration of voters is only carried out in The Bahamas.