Broke BEC To Spend $3 Million on Generator Rentals

The cash-strapped Bahamas Electricity Corporation will spend $3 million to rent 20 megawatts of generators from a European firm for 13 weeks in a bid to prevent future power outages, BEC General Manager Kevin Basden said.

Over the past two months, frequent blackouts have occurred in New Providence and some Family Islands.

While Basden admitted the price is steep, he said it will result in savings for consumers as the system runs on diesel which is cheaper than the fuel currently being used.

BEC’s fuel charge has increased considerably over the past several months.

The system will be installed by mid August, Basden said.

New Providence experienced outages due to the failure of eight of BEC’s larger generators.

Basden explained that during the months of May and June in particular, BEC experienced an “unusual and unforeseen” number of generator failures.

“These failures, coupled with planned overhauls to other generators, left us with inadequate electricity to meet the demands of many homes and businesses,” he said.

BEC’s short-term expansion measures consist of a Rental Generation and the Generation Assistance Program, Basden said.