Residents Awaken To No Power, No Water

Incompetence reigns at government corporations. Hundreds of residents in New Providence awoke yesterday morning to find that their electricity and water were off.

The Tribune reports that Preston Rahming, from the Water & Sewage Corporation (W&S), told them the reason for the outage was a trip in one of the pumps.

Tripped switches… sounds eerily similar to the excuses offered by BEC for power outages.

Rahming said that it could have been caused by lightning, or a surge of electricity. This would be like a breaker in your house tripping after a spike in power.

Mr Rahming also said the problem is, “not a big one”. He apparently did not wake up to no power and no water.

The switches automatically turn off to protect the equipment from damage.

Residents in Coral Harbour, Tropical Gardens, Cable Beach, Oakes Field and Yellow Elder were affected by the outages.