Fire Them All and Let God Sort Them Out

Incompetence at government corporations reigns supreme as BEC continues island-wide power outages and the Water and Sewerage Corporation rations water in New Providence.

Despite numerous promises to eliminate blackouts, the Bahamas Electricity Corporation continues to erode business profits and make life miserable for residents of New Providence.

Hardly a day goes by without the mismanaged government corporation experiencing power outages in some areas of New Providence.

Power in Carmichael Road, Skylne Drive, Palmdale and other areas is still out. The company issued a statement yesterday promising to have all areas restored by 11:00pm.  They failed to live up to those promises.

It apears that BEC Chairman Michael Moss and President Kevin Basden were nothing short of lying to the public when they said that all generators had been repaired.  That is simply not true, two units failed on Monday because they were never repaired properly.

BEC is again asking those companies with power generators to use them, in order to conserve demand on the faulty generators.

Poor management, incompetent engineers, ignorant maintenance personnell and slack employees contribute to the problem, but governemnt is afraid to fire or discipline workers because they can influence votes.

Meanwhile, the Water and Sewerage Corporation is warning residents that they might experience low water presure levels, especially at night, as the mismanaged coproration is rationing water suplies in New Providence.

Claiming they are implementing “conservation” measures, the company is really trying to cover up the gross mismanagement and incompetence that is rampant at the corporation.

Solution: Fire them all and let God sort them out.