Note to Hubiggity: Fire The Incompetent Fools at BEC

High school kids could do a better job.  BEC is being managed by incompetent fools… and liars. Only a few months ago, Michael Moss and Kevin Basden, the idiots who are in charge of BEC, told the public that there was plenty power to go around.  In fact, Moss, who appears to be a serial liar, told newspapers that not only was there enough power now, but that generating capacity could even meet the future needs of the massive Baha Mar development.

Moss is either one of the stupidest men to walk the streets of New Providence, or he is a dangerous liar who need to be removed from his job before he hurts somebody.

Even with big companies and major hotels running on their own generators, BEC has admitted that they can not generate enough power to meet the needs of New Providence.

This isn’t a third world dilemma, it is fourth world, sending Bahamians back to the hunter-gatherer stage of development.

Inquiring minds are asking, how the hell can The Bahamas expect to compete in the modern world of tourism and financial services when they can’t even keep the lights on?

This is shameful and disgraceful. If the politicians were not so busy lining their pockets with graft they would attend to this matter post haste.

To further complicate BEC’s woes, another major generator, one that Moss and Basden had said was overhauled and repaired, failed.  Now, either the disastrous duo was lying again or the incompetent people servicing the generators need to be fired.

BEC spokeswoman Arnette Ingraham must be embarrassed, having to come up with different excuses to cover the lies of Basden and Moss and the incompetence of BEC workers, day after day.

Ms Ingraham’s latest announcement of intended load-shedding was very disturbing.

She told reporters that between the hours of 4:30pm and 6:30pm, customers in the following areas may experience supply interruption: Lyford Cay and surrounding areas, Old Fort Bay, Lyford Hills, Charlottesville, Jacaranda, Blake Road, Sea Beach, Caves Village, Sandyport and Soldier Road (between Abundant Life Road and Blue Hill Road).

Then, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, customers in these areas will be affected: Tyler Street, Nassau Street, West Bay Street (between Xavier’s School and Vista Marina), Augusta Street, Deans Lane, Meeting Street, Blue Hill Road South; College Drive, Boyd Road and all side streets.

And to add salt to the wound, from 8.30pm to 10:30pm, Westward Villas, Cable Beach strip, Lake Cunningham subdivision, Skyline Drive, Sanford Drive, Stapledon Gardens, Sea View Drive, West Bay Street, and John F Kennedy Drive.

Finally, the incompetents announce that, between 10:30pm and 12:30am, Bamboo Boulevard, Pinewood Gardens, and South Beach will be without power.

This is all apparently due to another of the “repaired” generators conking out.

This schedule will go on for several days as the jackasses do not have the necessary spare parts in inventory.

Meanwhile, the liars at BEC say, once again, that the problem will be resolved soon. This time, they say they are renting generators to accommodate the demand.

Why anyone would believe anything the company says is beyond sensibility.

The buck stops at the top. Michael Moss and Kevin Basden clearly do not know how to manage a company. Prime Minister Ingraham needs to fire them both immediately and hire people (yes, even foreigners if necessary) to run the company like it should be.

Of course, Mr Ingraham will probably not heed the demands of the people, if he even hears them.  Like Nero fiddling while Rome burns, Ingraham is “on vacation” while Nassau descends into a pit of darkness.