Pervert Pastor Found Guilty

After only two hours of deliberation, a Supreme Court jury in Freeport found the religious charlatan, Albert Whyley, guilty of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor.

The jury of three men and six women returned a guilty verdict of 6-3.

Only after the verdict was announced, was it revealed that Whyley had been convicted of the same offence almost 18 years ago.

Whyley, 59, was remanded to prison until his sentencing on November 11. Legal manipulators are already setting the stage to spring Whyley. It is expected that Whyley will wriggle out of a serious jail sentence as crafty lawyers use a corrupt court system to manipulate the legal process with a “rigged” psychiatric evaluation.

The remarkably quick trial and conviction contrasts greatly with the case of Randy Fraser.

Whyley’s conviction makes it all the more obvious that corruption is rife in the Randy Fraser case.  Fraser, another of the Bahamas’ many pedophile pastors, has skirted a conviction for several years, making a mockery of justice and highlighting the corrupt and dysfunctional legal system in the Bahamas.

Fraser is a good buddy of the self-appointed “bishop” Neil Ellis, an impish little man who pretends to be a man of God. Some wonder if Ellis is influencing the judicial process, as he has attempted to do so many times with the political process. Ellis is also good friends with pedophile “bishop” Eddie Long, from the United States, who recently bought his way out of a scandal involving several under-age boys he was accused of having sex with. At the very least, it would appear Mr Ellis is a remarkably poor judge of character and associates with an unsavoury crowd.