Land Dispute Throws Residents Into Turmoil

Representatives for some 100-plus families, residents of Hanna Hill, Eight Mile Rock for generations, are banding together to remain on properties which they say they have been paying leases for – in some cases – almost 50 years.

Tuesday morning the residents gathered in front of Grace Church of the Nazarene, Hanna Hill, Bayshore Road to voice their grievance over what they claim, “cannot be right.”

The group, led by Kenvin Jones, is forming an association – Hanna Hill Land Association – in hopes of having their voices heard and to have the individuals, the Tynes, who they claim are trying to “lay claim” to their properties investigated.

“It is illegal in any part of The Bahamas where you must come and upset the livelihood of people, who were living for more than 50 years on a particular property,” said Jones, the spokesman for his parents – Nelson and Loretta Jones – who are also involved in the dispute.

“As we try to get this matter solved we will go through the proper channels, but this has been going on for years and years and it is time now that this matter be settled once and for all,” Jones said. “We will now fight this to the fullest extent of the law.”

Jones was among the 100-plus families that received a letter from attorneys representing Trinard Tynes, who has been granted Probate over the estate of the late Albert James Grant, stating that they have been instructed to “obtain Certificate of Title to the captioned estate and hereby request that you provide us with information as to whom you leased or purchased the piece of property that you now reside. Further, please advise if you are making payments of any kind for the property and to whom you are paying these monies.”