Statistical Commission Holds Business Workshop

The Statistical Commission in its 29th session in 1997 expressed support for the holding of national and regional statistical days in those countries and regions that already held such days and had also “encouraged the holding of national statistical days in other countries that might wish to establish such days.”

CARICOM countries have institutionalised an annual Statistics Day to take place in October of each year. The purpose for celebrating Statistics Day is: “To encourage and develop a culture of statistics among the population … To sensitize and inform users, suppliers and producers of the importance of statistics in making policy decisions. To foster increased collaboration with data producing units in line with ministries and other government agencies.”

The Business Workshop under the theme: “Partnering with our Business Community to provide better statistics for sound planning” was officially opened at the Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce, with special guest speaker John Swain, first vice president for the Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce. He spoke on how to keep good business accounts.