Rebuttal: Gerrymandering Districts and Questionable Citizenships

Larry Smith
Larry Smith

Blogger and newspaper columnist Larry Smith has a lot to say about the recent email sent out by former MP Pierre Dupuch.

Another email popped into my inbox last week from retired politico Pierre Dupuch. In most cases, I scan these messages quickly and move on – they are poisonous political rants with no constructive proposals or substance, and it is obvious that Dupuch has a “thing” about his former leader in the FNM, Hubert Ingraham.

But this one caught my eye because it purports to deal with concrete ‘facts’ that have been percolating for months in the form of a monstrous conspiracy theory.

One of the most important functions of responsible journalism is to clarify such controversies so that the public is not deluded by ignorant or conniving individuals who set themselves up as authorities or champions, often in the pursuit of hidden agendas.

And frankly, I wanted to see for myself if anything Dupuch had to say on this matter was worth listening to. So I decided to take a closer look at the various allegations.