Public Relations Ploy To Address Crime?

Bill Bratton

There’s an old saying that you can fool some of the people all of the time, and you can fool all of the people some of the time. Ignoring that adage, the government of The Bahamas apparently thinks they can fool all Bahamians all of the time.

“Bahamas Police Call In New York Super Cop” was the headline blasted across one of the local papers, as if this move alone was the panacea for the nation’s crime problem.

Buried in the article we learn that the man is being brought in for “exploratory talks” and “consultation.”

Bringing in Bill Bratton for “consultation” is a meaningless move intended to get good press, not solve crime.

In other words, Mr Bratton gets a free Bahamas vacation and the government can milk this for all it’s worth as a public relations stunt.

What it will do to reduce crime is… well, nothing.

BahamasB2B and other intelligent media sources have been suggesting ways to combat crime for years. But the government (both FNM and PLP) have had their fingers in their ears.  They do not want to listen because fighting crime involves doing “unpopular” things that they do not want to do.  Like getting rid of corrupt cops, arresting crooked MPs, and putting top “businessmen” in jail.  Politicians only appear interested in reducing crime when an election is around the corner. In the five years between elections, little is done to address crime.

The government looks at this move to bring in Mr Bratton as a public relations exercise, not a fix for societal problems.

And the government is doing nothing to fix societal problems, which are the root of all evil in this country.

If Mr Ingraham was serious about crime, several MPs and a dozen prominent Bahamians would be in jail awaiting trial and hundreds of corrupt police officers would be looking for other work.

This quote pretty well sums up all that will become of this anti-crime scam:

“There will be a brief press statement at 2:45pm at the police headquarters.”