PLP Rushing for Personal LNG Gold Again

Truth Alert

The Claim: The PLP claims that it will enable LNG contracts to benefit all Bahamians if they are re-elected.

The Truth:  Given the PLP’s checkered past with LNG, voters should view this proposal and the PLP’s motives with skepticism.

During the PLP’s last term in government, they promised transparency and committed to abide by a code of ethics which prohibited the use of government “insider information” to benefit themselves and their families. Yet, the public watched incredulously as MP Leslie Miller announced a secretly negotiated agreement on an LNG contract.

A key part of the sordid, secretive deal was the fact that the serving AG at the time, Allyson Maynard Gibson, received a $1Million bonus for her law firm from the LNG company.

Mrs. Gibson did not recuse herself from any continued involvement in this affair to avoid any conflict of interest, instead, the AG blatantly rushed to announce the deal and have her former law firm collect $1 million in fees.

Given the PLP’s history of kickbacks and corruption, it is fair for voters to wonder whether the PLP’s promise on LNG is a serious policy to benefit Bahamian citizens or just the latest PLP get rich quick scheme.

Same PLP. Same Empty Promises