What Ever Happened to Krishanna Higgs?

Even though she hasn’t heard from her daughter in almost two years, Krysta Fox is still holding out hope that she is still alive.

“The only thing else I could do is wait. …I’m still waiting.

That’s the only thing I have to hold on to,” she told The Freeport News yesterday.

Krishanna Higgs, who turned 22 in April, went missing early last year, not long after she travelled to Grand Bahama from New Providence with her three-year-old daughter on January 12, 2011.

Fox was at home in New Providence when she last spoke to her in January and, when all of her efforts to reach Krishanna failed, she filed a missing persons report with police in Grand Bahama in late March of that year.

“We’ve haven’t heard a word from anybody,” Fox said Sunday. “The police said they are doing their job, but they would never call and when you call there you can’t get a straight answer.”

Fox and her family have pounded the pavement and stood on street corners disseminating thousands of missing posters to motorists, business houses and homeowners in hopes of getting the word out about Krishanna on the off chance that someone remembers her face.

The family is also praying for anyone who knows something about the missing mother of two to contact the police.

Angered over not knowing what might have happened to her daughter or even where she may be right now and the way the lack of communication by the police, Fox who said she doesn’t know where else to turn.

She made another attempt just last week to telephone the police for an update and, again, was unsuccessful.

“They would either put me on to a different person, or they would transfer me to Mr. (Emrick) Seymour, but I could never get through to him,” she said.

“It’s getting to a point where it’s going on two years. The police would say that they are doing things but no one is saying anything. I try to reach out to them, leaving messages, but no one is calling back. It does make you angry.”

Meanwhile, Krishanna’s youngest daughter, who is now three, lives with her paternal grandmother while Fox is caring for her four year old.

“They’re coming along alright. They’re still asking for their mommy,” Fox said of her granddaughters, but adds that she has had tremendous family support throughout this difficult time in their lives.

Fox has said from the onset that Krishanna came here at the request of her daughter’s father, Charles Tony Fritzgerald, who is still wanted for questioning by police

Krishanna was reportedly last seen in a blue-colored Chevy Suburban. She was wearing a black fitted top with a gold design, dark blue jeans and gold heeled sandals.

The last communication Fox received from Krishanna was via text messages back in January 2011, but she is convinced they were not sent by Krishanna.

As for the case, Assistant Commissioner of Police Emrick Seymour said, the matter is still under active investigation.

When questioned about Fox’s concern that she has heard nothing from police and has been unable to reach him, the Grand Bahama police chief said since he has returned to Grand Bahama, she has been in communication with him and has all of his telephone contacts.

While he admits he has not spoken to her in recent weeks, ACP Seymour said if she needs to he will be more than happy to meet with her.

Back in April, the assistant commissioner told the media that the community is too small for someone not to know anything about the matter.

Anyone with information regarding Krishanna’s case is asked to call the Central Detective Unit at 350-3107/8 or 352-9774/5 or the Police Emergency at 911.

Source:  The Freeport News