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BEC Managed By ‘Idiots’

a)  Fuel Surcharge  –      $ .272490 ( Per kilowatt hour as of October 7th, 2012)

b)  Base rate  –           $ .149500 (for anyone burning more than a candle)

c)  Total Monthly Charge – $ .42199 P.K.H. (second highest rate in the world!)

And these idiots are on the brink of collapse! Perhaps bringing in the foreigners is the only choice as it is quite obvious these here couldn’t organise a one-car funeral.

National Insurance? Need I say more? This is not taxpayers’ money for government infrastructural projects or Public Treasury “tiefin”. Bahamians have paid into this as a pension plan and expect to be reimbursed upon retirement and/or injury. Alleged open expense visa credit card (for the first time since NIB’s inception) and overnight stays in elaborate hotels is sickening and unacceptable (at least in most above board countries). And NIB has the audacity to state the apocraphy of yet higher rates on the Bahamian worker is the height of ridiculousity!

Why, yet again hasn’t there been any termination or forced resignations from the highest power in the land?

Christopher Armaly
Nassau, Bahamas
December, 2012

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