Legalize Numbers or Face Higher Taxes and More Crime?

The debate over “legalizing” what already operates with the sanction of the government and many in society seems trite at this point.

While I am a firm believer that individuals should be allowed to spend their hard-earned money however they wish, without a referendum to change the Constitution as it relates to gambling and women’s rights, is like abolishing slavery except for ships arriving or departing the port of Bristol, as a friend put it recently.  In other words, it’s all making a mockery of us as a people.

And then for the prime minister and junior minister of national security to suggest that if the public votes no higher taxes and crime will result would be laughable if not for the seriousness of the matter.

These comments, coupled with reports that Prime Minister Perry Christie (PLP) “has questioned why the vote no campaign is taking issue with the first referendum question when they had the opportunity to personally speak with him on the question prior to its release” while he says the march for the vote yes campaign is an expression of democracy, are simply astounding.

The government’s intention then is to proceed in favor of the gaming houses while leaving the barn door open for the ships to and from the port of Bristol on what many consider more serious matters.

And with deficits of more than $500 million becoming the norm, the estimated $20 million in taxes from gambling houses is a drop in the bucket.

Remember, the PM calls this deepening democracy.

By:  Rick Lowe