Rand Hospital Fails To Explain Baby’s Death

Grief stricken Jacklyn Davis, mother of a three month old baby that died at the Rand Memorial Hospital last December, believes something could have been done to save her baby’s life.

Davis is seeking answers as to what could have gone wrong in the two hours when she left the hospital, leaving behind a living child and on her return to be told that her baby had died.

Davis, said her daughter, Jairiel Janaya Brooke Davis was her only child and this ordeal has been tough for her to cope with.

“I had my baby on August 20 and she was born with a lung infection. She was treated for the infection for a month and they let her come home with me for two months until things started to change,” Davis maintained.

“On November 27 I took her back to the hospital because she was wheezing and after the doctor saw her, they told me she wasn’t wheezing but she just had a cold.”

Davis added that she was given a prescription to purchase Dimetapp to assist with the cold, however after some research, she realized that the medication is targeted to children six years and older.

She also noted that her findings proved that side effects would increase mucus in the lungs.

“Two days later, I took her back to the emergency room because she was unable too breathe well. They treated her and sent her to the Pediatric Ward for two days,” Davis claimed.

It was then, Davis alleges that her baby caught a throat infection and after she seemingly was said to have gotten better by doctors, her health soon began to deteriorate.

“The doctors told me that my daughter had a throat infection and it wasn’t life-threatening, but when they did an x-ray, the infection in her lungs was more intense,” she said.

Davis claimed that she was told that her baby would have to go to the Princess Margaret Hospital Intensive Care Unit, however she later discovered that there were no vacancies.

As the ordeal sadly dragged on, Davis said, she went to see her daughter who was still in hospital and was told that her baby’s health was improving.

That, she added, was around 2:00 p.m. that afternoon.

However, disaster struck at her return two hours later, when she was pulled into the doctor’s office only to be told that her daughter died.

“They told me they were trying to revive her for an hour and they did not know how she died. They told me her heart just stopped,” Davis alleged.

She claimed that when she received the death certificate, it stated that her daughter’s cause of death was bronchopneumonia, but doctors did not inform her of that condition.

Davis said that the sorrowful matter was extremely tough for her to cope with and she hopes others wouldn’t have a similar experience, which has become the main reason she has broken her silence.

The tearful maintains that it is her belief that something went terribly wrong with her child, and something could have been done to save her.

When The Freeport News contacted RMH officials, no answers were said to be available because the case had been turned over to the hospital’s legal office in Nassau.

The heart wrenching matter has sparked an interest in many as the number of infant deaths at the Rand Memorial Hospital is seemingly on the rise.

Recently, parents Natalie and Owen Shepard shared their story when their baby girl, Colette Marie Una Shepard, died in August 2012 due to similar complications.

The issue has definitely struck a chord amongst both families and answers are desperately sought to bring closure to the matter.

Ashley Penn
Freeport News Reporter